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Calculate Using Your Gearing and/or Tire Size
If only using gearing info, leave tire settings as default.
If only using tire info, leave gearing settings as default.
Factory Specs:   Front Sprocket: Rear Sprocket: Tire Size: / -
Your Specs:   Front Sprocket: Rear Sprocket: Tire Size: / -
Factory Speedometer Error:   % (WR250X/R is about 7.7%, most sportbikes are about 5%, leave 0.0% if unknown)
Calculations:   [Calculated Tire Size Error: 0%]   [Calculated Gearing Error: 0%]
NOTE: If your speed sensor is on the front wheel, use the front tire size info.
If your speed sensor is on the transmission or rear wheel, use the rear tire info.
If you are not altering sprockets or tires, you can ignore the sprocket or tire field.

Calculate Using Your GPS
NOTE: You must perform a programming reset before each GPS comparison test drive.
GPS Reading:  
Vehicle Reading:  
Acceptable Inputs are MPH, KPH, Miles, or Kilometers.
Both input values must be the same unit of measure.
Tip: It's best to drive until your GPS reads 60mph or 100kpm, or
if using distance measurements travel at least 60 miles, or 100km.

SpeedoDRD Version Type: (Look at white sticker on unit, example 3.62M is Version M)

Calculation Results

Please Select a SpeedoDRD Version.
Version info is at the top of the instruction book or on the back of the SpeedoDRD device.
Look for an M or an X after the version number. M is the newest verison, X is an older version.